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THE THREE SISTERS HOTEL is simply the place to stay in the great city of Tallinn, Estonia. Five star luxury in an impeccably restored 14th century merchant house. A wine bar, a gourmet restaurant, a suite with a grand piano in it. What more could you want?

The owners, apparently, wanted more. In 2006 they overhauled the place and brought in the best staff money could buy, including an award winning chef, a shapely sommelier, charming porters and perky front desk personnel.

They also hired an accomplished general manager, who invited us to a meeting and said, “We need to advertise in the local press, but I don’t know how.” Lucky for him, we did.

We checked around and found that the hotel, a member of the Design Hotels group, was suffering from a bit of a sterile reputation. We decided to fix that. Our copywriter crafted slogans and supporting text in three languages to introduce the new hotel personalities in a personalized way. Our illustrator added the coup de grâce: personal sketches of the staff and of the various hotel backgrounds.

How has it worked out? An editor of one magazine personally thanked us for bringing quality advertising to his publication. And in our business, that doesn’t happen often. Portrayed staff members actually sign autographs on their ads for the visiting public. Locals, who never before ventured into the hotel, now hang out in the bar. And we landed a job working for the owner’s next five-star hotel. So all and all, not bad.