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welcome to mitchel design welcome to mitchel design
IF YOU HAVE EVER BEEN on a river cruise in China or Russia, you probably are familiar with this little beauty. China by River is just one of the gems in a river cruise book treasure trove brought to happy passengers by River Cruise Promotions Inc.

The author feels that we are a big part of the book’s success, and we are inclined to believe him.

Typography and book design were key to the project, as the manuscript weighed in at several hundred pages yet was supposed to fit into a format that would enable your grandpa to slip the book into his shirt pocket while strolling the decks of the ship.

Then we flew our planes over China and came up with original maps and illustrations of the magnificent Three Gorges, and we even ventured into the future to depict the completed version of the not-yet-complete Three Gorges Dam for the back cover. Man, we’re good.