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welcome to mitchel design welcome to mitchel design welcome to mitchel design
PICTURE YOURSELF ON A BOAT in a river… But instead of tangerine dreams and looking glass eyes, you’ve got a billion Chinese surrounding you. You have your trusty copy of the China by River guidebook (designed by Mitchel Design) at your side, but is that enough? Perhaps not. You may require other cruise essentials. And you can only get them at one place: the China by River official website.

When the publisher of China by River decided to add a small product line to his online offerings, he knew where to turn. What he wanted was an online shop that looked like no other, that was easy to run and most important, that wasn’t going to cost him much.

We had no choice but to fill his order.

We took a freeware shopping cart that had the personality of rice and made it taste like Peking duck. A full complement of suitable custom illustrations made the public website glisten like sweet and sour sauce, while our programmers’ ingenuity made the backside administration site easier to use than a fortune cookie.

The client was ecstatic, his customers were thrilled and we all kept our jobs.