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welcome to mitchel design welcome to mitchel design
YOU'VE HAD A HARD DAY at work. You leave late, get in your car and stop at the market to hunt for dinner. You wouldn't mind something easy, healthy and even gourmet. Fat chance. Cozi Caza founder Courtlan Budman feels your pain.

Courtlan came to us with meatballs and a dream. Identity would be key for her upstart company. We crafted a logo that embraced the company's principles: modern, stylish, comforting. Everything flowed from that, remaining minimal and clean with careful typography and layout.

Packaging came next. You don't get to design for meatballs every day, so we gobbled up the opportunity. Personality and lifestyle were Cozi Caza keywords. And of course the packages had to stand out.

Courtlan loved our "happy faces" concept from the start. We brought in our beloved photographer and our typography wizard and voila – happy faces beckoning you from the supermarket freezer to the Cozi Caza lifestyle.