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welcome to mitchel design welcome to mitchel design welcome to mitchel design
A FIESTY BLONDE WALKS INTO the office. Smells like danger. Our head designer reaches for his flask. The creative director reclines and waits to see what the dame wants. A website. Could have smelled that a mile away. We should have known, we had seen her type before...

In fact, we had seen her many times before, for she was none other than Courtney Cochran, or as we had helped her to become, “Your Personal Sommelier.” She was our darling client who took everything we created for her and ran with it with a vengeance.

This time Courtney wanted to add another website to her online wine empire. Whereas courtneycochran.com was built (by us, naturally) to showcase Courtney’s talents and inform visitors about the world of wine, the new site was to enable Courtney’s latest endeavor, a wine tasting enterprise called Hip Tastes.

Luckily for her, Courtney bats her eyelashes well, so once our head designer sobered up, he cranked out another series of silky smooth illustrations for her. The original artwork combined with our trademark easy-as-pie navigation keeps the hiptastes.com site as fresh as Beaujolais nouveau.