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welcome to mitchel design welcome to mitchel design
TALLINN'S BEST AND MOST LIVELY Russian restaurant, Troika, wanted a simple promo piece that would also be functional for their guests. As with any good Russian restaurant, this place runs on vodka. Waiters stand on the tables and pour vodka out of icy bottles into glasses waiting on the table about a meter below. The balalaika plays. More vodka flows. And more. Good times.

Where were we? Oh yes, the promo piece. We were invited to an early morning meeting in the restaurant, at which we were duly required to “try” the product. You know how this story ends: badly, and with a headache.  

Before we got too sloshed, we were at least able to get our concept out. Because toasting is an inseparable part of drinking vodka, we proposed a little book containing some of the more colorful Russian toasts. Troika loved it. Problem was, their clientele was divided among speakers of Russian, Estonian, Finnish and English. So the cute little book had to contain a lot of languages, so that all guests could recite and enjoy the toasts. We asked for another one of those "meetings," to give us courage.

When we awoke after the meeting, we got to work. We called in the best toast translators on the continent. We recited our typography lessons, and we culled old Russian art books for a cover concept. Finally, it was done, approved and sent to press. It was time for one last meeting....