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welcome to mitchel design welcome to mitchel design
WE ALL FEAR CHANGE. The directors of West-Ward Pharmaceuticals are no different. Yet they could feel that their 20-year-old corporate identity wasn't  as fresh as their pressed white lab coats.

We created the new West-Ward mark from overlapping, translucent chevrons. To us, at first blush the mark resembleD an abstraction composed of complimentary blues. But using scientific method, West-Ward detected two Ws and decided they would be the shape of the company’s new identity.

For West-Ward's injectables division we built a website to help the company establish its brand in the American pharmaceutical market and present products in a clear and concise manner. The corporate division got jealous, so we were tapped to design it a site too.

Next we addressed ourselves to untangling the West-Ward packaging conundrum. With countless bottle formats to deal with and the FDA breathing down our necks, we devised a color-coded system high on clarity and legibility and low on confusion. We’ve always felt that with pharmaceuticals, there’s no room for error.