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MITCHEL DESIGN OFFERS expertise in all areas of the commercial arts, including graphic design, web design, illustration, photography, digital photo enhancement, typography, color use, copywriting, editing, translating, pre-press work and others.

We apply our skills and experience in these areas to create for our clients a vast variety of original advertising, promotional and communications tools and materials, including the following.

corporate visual identity
Image, as they say, is everything. And this is one instance when they are right. Countless books have been written about corporate identity, and we've read them all. We have even written a few of our own. The cornerstone of an organization's identity is its logo, a deceivingly simple visual device that is as critical as a company name. The principles that inform a logo necessarily extend to an overall identity system, which can comprise specific colors, typefaces, illustrative styles, slogans and other communicative instruments. If you think you need a good logo, chances are you need a well-crafted identity. That's where we come in.

personal visual identity
You may not require the same comprehensive branding program as a corporation, but damn it, you are more special than a corporation. Why not show that with your own personal visual identity system, including innovative calling cards, a stationery system, invitations and anything else that might keep you safely secured to that social ladder?

event branding
When you or your organization produces an event, that event may require varying degrees of branding to ensure visibility, marketability and success. Most people can smell "in-house" event branding from a mile away. And it does't smell so good. Let us keep your event smelling spring fresh with professional and consistent design for programs, flyers, banners, displays, posters, merchandise, vehicles and other elements of your event.

print ads
Print ad campaigns yield excellent returns on advertising dollars because, well, thankfully people still read. The key is to get readers to notice your ad from among all the others in the publication. And the key to that is to have them actually admire your ad. With our professional copywriting and strong design, your print ads shall be the envy of all.

We specialize in creating easy-to-use and visually fresh websites for small to midsize companies and organizations as well as for individual entrepreneurs. All our websites are delivered with a web-based custom content management system (CMS), which allows our clients to be in control of their website content at all times and from any computer using an interface that was tested on monkeys. Do you need a CMS? Yes, you do. Would you buy a sports car and ask the factory workers to drive it for you? Mitchel Design creates high performance sites and then puts you behind the wheel.

Announcing your events, services or new products by email to your voluntary mailing list can offer an incomparable return on your advertising dollar. Unlike with print campaigns, here you pay only for the design and programming of your e-flyers. And nobody designs in this media better than we do.

book design
It takes too long and costs too much to write and publish a book only to surrender it to a mediocre visual presentation. Book cover design is a neglected art that we take pride in nurturing, and typography is a forgotten art that we haven't forgotten.

packaging design
We work with all kinds of companies and organizations to ensure that their products or product lines don't fall by the wayside during the critical phrase of presenting the product to the end consumer. Attention to detail and to the demands of the specific market are vital here, and that's just what we deliver though a well-informed and well-executed design program.

welcome to mdi

welcome to mitchel design